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Lenten Season iPhone Wallpaper

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This lenten season is a chance for us for to be grateful for having been able to go through so much the past few years. In our search, we saw some iPhone wallpaper design from the newly constructed Sto. NiƱo Chapel in Cebu City.

To change your iPhone wallpaper, you may go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper.

There is a toggle in where you can dim the appearance of your wallpaper in dark mode. This is especially useful whenever you spend most of your time reading in the dark or using your phone before going to bed. Dark mode also helps save battery life on new iPhones that uses OLED panels as these panels doesn’t need to light up the color black. It will also dim your wallpaper depending on the ambient light of the surrounding.

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After choosing the wallpaper from your Photos Album, you may choose to turn on or off Perspective Zoom. Perspective Zoom is a feature that was added in iOS 7.1 to add more motion and interactivity to your smartphone experience. It does that by showing a parallax three dimensional view so that whenever you tilt your phone, the background moves with it.

Please note that dynamic wallpapers and perspective zoom are disabled whenever you turn on Low Power Mode to save on battery life.

Lenten Season Wallpaper

These photos fit your iPhones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 13. You may download them by clicking on the images. It just gives a sense of holiness and a gentle reminder that something greater than us exists whenever you look at your screen.

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We thank suroy.ph for the amazing photos and for our first edition of iPhone Wallpapers. Stay tuned as we start to curate new wallpapers for all your devices in the next few months.

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