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Microsoft Purchases Sunrise Calendar App

Sunrise App

Microsoft has just acquired the popular calendar app Sunrise. TechCrunch, which first learned of the deal, has pegged the value of the transaction at a cool $100 million.

Sunrise has an awesome iPhone and iPad app in the App Store. It’s also available for the Mac, across other mobile platforms and in the form of a responsive, lightweight application which runs smoothly in a web browser.

“We’ve heard Microsoft will keep its apps alive as stand-alone products, while using some of its technology for its own future products,” reads the report.

Since its inception, the Sunrise startup has managed to raise about $8 million in funding. Sunrise is the only calendar on iOS to support push for Google Calendar.

Real-time push for calendar is a must-have in corporate environments so it’s now clearer why Microsoft has shown keen interest for Sunrise. The service also supports iCloud and Microsoft Exchange and has fostered a healthy ecosystem of third-party apps that integrate with it.

Last December, the Windows maker bought the email client Acompli, for a reported $200 million. Acompli technology was eventually folded into Microsoft’s latest native application for the iPhone and iPad: the brand new Outlook mobile email client.

Download Sunrise Calendar free in the App Store and Mac App Store.

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