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iOS 15 features updated Lock Screen and improved notifications

A new report claims that iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are to feature a revamped notification system and new Lock Screen changes with improved privacy options.

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We are all excited and eagerly awaiting for the release of iOS 14.5 which features App Tracking Transparency among others. Meanwhile, a new report has already come out claiming that iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are to feature a revamped notification system, plus Lock Screen changes, with increased privacy options.

The countdown begins with only less than 2 months before WWDC 2021. Apple’s iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are once again in the spotlight with multiple rumors and wishlists circulating the web. Chief among these were a report that came out today from Bloomberg.

The new revisions according to the report is being made under the codename “Sky”. The iPhone and the iPad are both believed to include an updated Lock Screen, tied to an extensive revision to notifications. Notifications will now come with new controls that user can customize depending on user’s location and activity.

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Though Siri at present is not that great with being a virtual spoken assistant, it has showed great promise at what users are about to do in certain hours of the day. Leveraging machine learning and power neural network built in each of our device, Siri learns from our everyday habits and suggests that whenever we open our iPhones. It uses that data as well to harness the power of Optimized Battery Charging that helps prolong our device’s battery lifespan.

It also claims that the new Lock Screen will add a feature to allow users to set their status. We could tap to set that we are at work, or sleeping and so on. The same Instant Messaging like status may also be included in Control Center, for quick access. Users can then set automatic Messages replies, similar to how Do Not Disturb while driving can send a pre-written response to texts. This will put Apple in closer competition with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, though the report notes that this may not be ready for iOS 15.

Bloomberg reports that iPadOS 15 will feature a redesigned Home Screen with the ability for users to place widgets anywhere in the screen similar to what iOS 14 has done.

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