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Apple stops iOS 14.4 code signing after release of iOS 14.4.1

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Apple on Friday stopped signing code for iOS 14.4, just a couple weeks after the release of the iOS 14.4.1 point update earlier in March.

The halt of code signing comes about two weeks after Apple released iOS 14.4.1 to the public on March 8. It effectively stops users running iOS 14.4.1 from downgrading to an older version of the operating system.

Apple regularly stops signing out-of-date code to prevent users from installing old iOS versions following the release of a new version, a practice that keeps users safe from new threats and ensures devices are running the latest feature-rich software.

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The latest iOS 14.4.1 is a minor update to Apple’s mobile operating system. One of its biggest additions is a fix for a WebKit vulnerability that Apple says may have led to code execution through “maliciously crafted” content.

Apple is currently testing its upcoming iOS 14.5 update, which includes a long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature and is expected to launch in early spring. As of March 19, Apple is currently on the fourth build of the iOS 14.5 beta with both developer and public software testing versions available.

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