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A Review of Apple Magic Mouse 2

The built in battery is what makes the Apple Magic Mouse 2 different.

Unboxing Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a beautiful minimalistic device that has a robust multi-touch surface that easily compliments your Mac. The physical aspect of the mouse looks exactly the same as the first generation with the exception of having rechargeable batteries. Its expensive price, like anything that has an Apple logo to it, is the only barrier to buying this device.

Design and Build Quality

I remember how Apple used to sell rechargeable batteries when it came with the 1st generation of Apple Mouse. This is to compliment the lineup of it’s keyboard and mouse that both requires replaceable batteries. Fast forward to 2015 and Apple released the 2nd generation Magic Mouse that has built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charges via lightning port.

First Generation Apple Mouse and Apple Rechargeable Batteries.

There are a lot of people who complain about the mouse’s inability to use it while it’s charged. Or how the Magic Mouse reminds others of the way the first generation Apple Pencil charges itself. We never find it to be a problem though.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 (left) charges from the bottom of the device. The original Apple Magic Mouse (right) has a removable cover for the batteries.

The Magic Mouse has a fast charging capabilty whenever you forget to charge it and need to use it. Two minutes of charge gives you eight hours of use. It usually took us two hours to fully charge the Magic Mouse, and that gives us two months of use. We were never caught in a situation where we need to use our mouse while it’s plugged in.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a slim curved surface slim and is very comfortable to hold. It weighs only 0.22 pounds (99 grams) making it easy to bring it where ever you go. It is made up of single unibody design unlike that of the original Magic Mouse. The top of the mouse has no visible buttons but you can easily customize whether to enable secondary (right) click. The whole top part is multi-touch where you can scroll , go forward or back just by sliding on the acrylic surface. The bottom of the mouse also now features an optimized foot design for better gliding.

Its slim profile with the device made it lack in terms of useful ergonomics. People with large hands may have difficulties exerting efforts to grip on the mouse especially after a few hours of extended use.


Even though our MacBooks have a big trackpad, we love how the Magic Mouse makes us work better. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 and works out of the box with any Apple computer. Setting it up is easy and it just works. Just turn the on your Bluetooth and it automatically pairs with your Magic Mouse. We can’t say if setting it up with a Windows PC is easy as we haven’t tested the mouse with a non-Apple computer.

Not much difference between the old and the new.

The laser on the mouse is rated 1300 DPI (Dots-per-inch) which is a measure of sensitivity. This pales in comparison with other mouse of the same price range. The sensitivity settings is just enough for daily non-gaming use. Heavy gamers may want to look for a different device.

The black version looks beautiful when paired with Apple’s black Magic Keyboard.

The Magic Mouse 2 comes in two colors – white and black. The white costs $79 on the Apple Store. The black one is $20 more expensive with the same functionality. We find that the black Magic Mouse is a fingerprint smudge unlike the white version but it looks great when paired with the Black Magic Keyboard.

Design and Build Quality
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a-review-of-apple-magic-mouse-2Apple Magic Mouse 2 is a beautiful minimalistic device that has a robust multi-touch surface that easily compliments your Mac. Setting it up on your Mac is easy and it just works. It looks exactly the same with the old version though and offers nothing new in terms of functionality. It is enough for daily use but the low DPI rating is not recommended for heavy gamers. The device is expensive for its features overall.
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